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Champion Tails Pony Length False Horse Tail Extensions 61cm Cut Off


Champion Tails Pony Length False Horse Tail Extensions 61cm to the cut off point.

Pony length False Tails can surprisingly be used by some Galloways and Hacks. If they have a long dock or the owner prefers a shorter tail.  It is amazing how many people use them.

If you are unsure of the thickness you need for your horse please follow this link.


Our pony length false tails can be custom made at no extra charge to suit your pony. All are made of top quality genuine horse hair and all come with a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

All triple & weighted tails come with two loops for the comfort of your horse.

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Champion Tails Standard Length False Horse Tail Extension 76cm Cut Off


Champion Tails Standard Length False Horse Tail Extensions are 76cm to the cut off point.

All Champion Tails are made of top quality genuine horse hair. They are all hand wefted and will out last any other type of tail on the market today.

Standard length tails are delivered to your door with a natural finish so you can then trim it to the length you require.

They are thin at the top and our colour matching at no extra cost is second to none. All tails come with our lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

If you are unsure of the thickness you need please go to our Tail thickness guide.https://championtails.com/wp/horse-hair/champion-tails-tail-information-guide/

All Triple and weighted tails have two loops for the comfort of your horse.

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Champion Tails Western Length False Horse Tail Extension Min. 91cm Cut Off


Champion Tails Western Length False Horse Tail Extensions are all made from high quality genuine horse hair. They are 91cm to the cut off point so the actual hair used in the tail is super long.They are thin at the top for easy fitting and the length is all horse hair length. We custom make tails to match your horses own tail at no extra cost and our colour matching is second to none.

They come to you with a natural finish so you can cut it to the length you need it to be or you may decide to leave it natural.

No huge bulky tops on these tails.

If you are unsure of the thickness to order please use this link to go to our tail thickness guide.


What’s more they will last many years. Our tails have a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

All Triple and weighted tails come with double loops for your horses comfort.


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Champion Tails False Horse Hair Tail Wrap Extension


Champion Tails False Horse Tail Wrap Extensions are like a long hula skirt of hair. They are just amazing for when a horse has had its tail bone damaged and there has been loss of tail bone and hair where a false tail cannot be used. Also when a horse has had his tail chewed off by other animals. Although can be time consuming to put in the first time they are just so amazing when once in. They look and swing just as natural as any normal horses tail and cannot be seen at all.

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Gift Voucher

Ever not known what to get for that special person. Well here we have a Gift Voucher you can purchase to your value and send directly to that very special person

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WEIGHTS for False Horse Tail Extensions 350 – 700g


Champion Tails custom made weights are hidden inside our weave so they cannot be seen.

We have weights which are coloured to your horses tails and for the heavier weights we add two loops to the tails for your horses comfort.

Another quality product from CHAMPION TAILS.


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Remembrance Tails


Champion Tails Remembrance Tails are exactly that. If you have the very sad event of losing your beloved horse and would like us to make their tail into a false tail that you can display and have forever. This is what we can do for you.

If however you would like to use the tail as a false tail please realise it takes much more than one tail to make a false tail for use.

For an extra cost we can use your horses own tail and put that on the outside of the false tail then add more hair which matches to the inside of the tail so you can always look at the outside of the tail and know that this hair is from your horse.

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Champion Tails False Forelock Extensions


Champion Tails False Forelock Extensions. We have two types, free flowing and plaiting. Free flowing for horses needing that extra length and plaiting for those horses who do not have enough hair left to do a nice even plait to their forelock. The free flowing is used in the photo on this page. The horse had not much forelock and with the free flowing forelock added changed the look of her head completely. Make-up finished her look perfectly!

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Champion Tails Mane Piece Extensions


Champion Tails false mane piece extensions come in two different types. There is one for a free flowing mane and one for when you have not much mane left and need to do false plaits. The plaiting mane piece does give a more natural look than using false plaits. The mane pieces come in 15cm sections along the neck and the plaiting mane piece is a minimum of 15cm drop and the free flowing has a minimum drop of 30cm.

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Champion Tails False Mane Plaits


Champion Tails False Mane Plaits come in 3 different sizes, small (the size of a $2.00 coin) Medium, (the size of a 10c coin) Large, (the size of a 20c coin). We colour match at no extra charge.

Instructions are easy: grab your wisp of mane and band it. Turn it into it self then add the false plait and sew.

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Champion Tails Rocking Horse Sets


Champion Tails Rocking Horse Sets come in 2 different sizes although we do prefer you to measure from behind your horses ears to the wither to get a better idea of the length of the weft for the mane (this is along the neck, not the drop).

Our tails are made to fit a 1″ or 2cm hole in the back end of the rocking horse.

Forelocks are standard and may be trimmed to your preferred length.

We are able to make any colour you wish including dying hair for those who have fantasy horses like unicorns.

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Make-up Tubes with Sponge Applicator Nozzles


Our Make-up tubes make it so easy to apply your horses Make-up with no mess or cross contamination. Great for touching up at shows. They come in 9 different colours and finishes. White – Black and Natural to Amazingly glossy finishes.

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White Cover Creme


Champion Tails White Cover Creme is an amazing product for whitening your horses socks, stars, stockings or blazes. If your horse has no white markings on their head you can make a stencil and create one.

Best applied to clipped socks, Wash your horses socks with the CHAMPION TAILS RESTORE SILVER HIGHLIGHT SHAMPOO then while damp apply the CHAMPION TAILS WHITE COVER CREME to your white socks. Can be applied the night before and touched up in the morning for best results.

Please scroll down for a video on creating a star on your horses head.

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Gloss Make-up


Champion Tails Gloss Make-up gives an outstanding shine. The Jet Black gloss gives a high end shine with the addition of a really black look not changing the shine at all. The Subtle Black gloss gives a high shine with just a hint of black so much more suitable for the lighter horses and Hunter classes. The Clear Gloss gives a high gloss shine to enhance areas. These products are very high gloss and are made especially for Australia’s hot climate so they will not run, pill, ball or melt in the pot. Top quality products.


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Highlight Make-up


CHAMPION TAILS Highlight make-up is great for shading your horse or pony. The Blue Black is exactly that a very black make-up with a natural finish. The more you use it the more it will adhere to the hair. Put it on fairly thickly the night before around the eyes and then wipe off excess in the morning. Add the CHAMPION TAILS clear highlight if a glossy shine is required.

The Red Black is for chestnuts or horses with that hint of red. Excellent finish, use as above.

The chestnut Highlight can be used to cover scars or marks on chestnut horses. If you need it to be lighter just mix with a small amount of white cover creme. If you need it darker mix with a little of the red or blue black.

The Stayz  Range of products have a mat finish. They are great for shading legs and around the eyes.

The Liver Stayz On is amazing for shading the chestnut horses legs. Just apply onto the leg and spread downwards as you would for a bay horse. Gives that lovely leggy finish. Or even can be used on the knees of a palomino to give more definition to the knees and hocks.

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Champion Tails Water Glaze Coat Shine


Water Glaze is designed to give a brilliant show ring shine to the coat, mane and tail. It is a great product that also contains special conditioning agents to repel dust and soften the hair for easy grooming and removing tangles out of the mane and tail. Also if sprayed onto the shoulders will prevent rugs rubbing out the hair.

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Stayz Put Quarter Mark Spray


Champion Tails Stayz Put Quarter Mark Spray has the amazing ability to keep your Quarter Marks in place in any weather. They stay in for an extremely long time and is so very easy to use. Just brush the hair, spray with the quarter mark spray and do your pattern then re spray to keep in place. Great for squares & rump markings and also sharks teeth patterns on the coat. Another top quality product from CHAMPION TAILS.

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Stayz In Plaiting/Banding Spray


Champion Tails Stayz In Plaiting/Banding Spray.

If you do not want a hair out of place this is the product you need. Use on a damp, clean mane.

Section your mane, forelock or tail and plait away. You will not get a hair out of place. Has just the right amount of grip yet when you take your plaits or bands out it will leave the mane lovely, soft and silky.

It is always best to have an odd number of plaits along the neck as when you plait the forelock this makes for your even number.

When Plaiting or Banding your horse there are things you can do to add to your horses overall look.

If your horse has a shorter neck, the more plaits or bands you do up the neck will give the illusion of a longer neck, if you have a bridle path make it a very small one so you can fit more plaits in.

If your horse has a thinner or not so muscled neck you may do larger plaits and if really noticeable a larger ‘hood’ over the plait will be a great advantage in giving the neck some bulk.

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Stain Remover


Ready mix silver highlight Stain Remover is very convenient and comes in a 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle. Just spray onto your horses tail and wash normally. Outstanding results on white and light grey tails.

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Maximum Effect


Maximum Effect is a semi permanent water based hair colour . It comes in three different colours. Chestnut to enhance your horses chestnut coat. Brown to deepen the colour and Black to darken any coat even more. This should last approx 15 washes. Please NOTE Maximum Effect needs  hair to adhere to so do not use on a freshly clipped horse. Also do not wash the horse before hand as if you wash the horse with a shampoo the oils in the shampoo will form a barrier between the hair colour and the hair follicle Please do test inside the hind leg before use.

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Restore silver shampoo

  1. Champion Tails silver highlight shampoo achieves spectacular results on white and grey coats and deepens the colour on chestnuts, browns and blacks. This shampoo penetrates and enriches with a special blend of oils, restoring the PH balance and repairing damaged coats. The best shampoo ever for getting your greys whiter than white!! Please scroll down for more information on how to achieve SPECTACULAR results!!


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Restore shampoo natural

Natural Colour Shampoo penetrates and enriches with a special blend of oils restoring the natural PH balance and repairing damaged hair. Use regularly and enjoy the high gloss finish from another Champion Tails quality presentation product.
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Concentrated Conditioner


Concentrated Silver Highlight Colour Conditioner. Well what can one say!! this product speaks for itself. The extra volume it gives to your horses tail or your dog is amazing to say the least. Everyone always tells us how much it softens and gives bulk to the hair.

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