Champion Tails Rocking Horse Sets


Champion Tails Rocking Horse Sets come in 2 different sizes although we do prefer you to measure from behind your horses ears to the wither to get a better idea of the length of the weft for the mane (this is along the neck, not the drop).

Our tails are made to fit a 1″ or 2cm hole in the back end of the rocking horse.

Forelocks are standard and may be trimmed to your preferred length.

We are able to make any colour you wish including dying hair for those who have fantasy horses like unicorns.


Additional information

Weight .501 kg
Horse Hair Colours

No. 1 White, No. 2 Light Grey, No. 3 Steel Grey, No. 4 Palomino, No. 5 Light Flaxen, No. 6 Flaxen, No. 7 Red Chestnut, No. 8 Dk Red Chestnut, No. 9 Liver Chestnut, No. 10 Black/Chestnut, No. 11. Black/chest/grey, No. 12 Chest/Black/Grey, No. 13 Black Liver, No. 14 Black

Rocking Horse Set

Rocking Horse Set Large 41cm along neck, Rocking Horse Set Small 30 cm along neck