Maximum Effect Hair Colour Tips

Champion Tails Maximum Effect is a water based Semi Permanent Hair Colour. To get the best results please follow these tips.

Never wash your horse before applying the Maxim Effect. If you do the oil in the shampoo will cause a barrier between the hair follicle and the hair dye. So simply the dye will not be able to attach to your horses hair.

Always do a test patch when using any hair dye inside the upper hind leg. Leave for 24 hours and if all good, continue use.

Cover white socks and blazes with Clear Highlight as to not stain your white areas. Also use gloves for yourself.

Dampen the horse then place the Maximum Effect into a bucket with a small dollop of shampoo. Mix thoroughly.

Start either with a spray bottle or use with a body brush in circular motion all over your horse, making sure you do under the tummy and inside the hind legs.

Leave the horse for 30mins in the shade or stable then rinse off.

Repeat if necessary.