False Tail Extension Photo Tips

WE CAN MAKE TAILS FROM PHOTOS……………..But we need a good clear photo.

Take the photo of your horses tail. Look at your photo before sending it to us……..DOES YOUR PHOTO MATCH YOUR HORSES TAIL CLEARLY………..IF SO GREAT!!

When you have an unusual colour or a tail which is chestnut it then requires a custom made tail. We have the main coloured horses tails in our colour selector and can mix and match from that but some are just that bit different.

Sending photos does help but you can rarely rely on them to be accurate Photos vary from monitor to monitor and also the light they are taken in can alter the colour as well. For an exact match a sample taken from the base of the dock where the tail is going to sit is the best. Sometimes if they are a different colour in the middle a sample of the most common colour is best..

These 4 photos are of the same tail taken in different lights. The first photo is the actual colour the customer needed. This example is exactly why we like to have a sample of the horses own tail.