Champion Tails Mane Piece Extensions


Champion Tails false mane piece extensions come in two different types. There is one for a free flowing mane and one for when you have not much mane left and need to do false plaits. The plaiting mane piece does give a more natural look than using false plaits. The mane pieces come in 15cm sections along the neck and the plaiting mane piece is a minimum of 15cm drop and the free flowing has a minimum drop of 30cm.


Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Horse Hair Colours

No. 1 White, No. 2 Light Grey, No. 3 Steel Grey, No. 4 Palomino, No. 5 Light Flaxen, No. 6 Flaxen, No. 7 Red Chestnut, No. 8 Dk Red Chestnut, No. 9 Liver Chestnut, No. 10 Black/Chestnut, No. 11. Black/chest/grey, No. 12 Chest/Black/Grey, No. 13 Black Liver, No. 14 Black

Mane Piece Extensions

Champion Tails Free Flowing Mane Extension, Champion Tails Plaiting Mane Extension