Champion Tails Western Length False Horse Tail Extension Min. 91cm Cut Off


Champion Tails Western Length False Horse Tail Extensions are all made from high quality genuine horse hair. They are 91cm to the cut off point so the actual hair used in the tail is super long.They are thin at the top for easy fitting and the length is all horse hair length. We custom make tails to match your horses own tail at no extra cost and our colour matching is second to none.

They come to you with a natural finish so you can cut it to the length you need it to be or you may decide to leave it natural.

No huge bulky tops on these tails.

If you are unsure of the thickness to order please use this link to go to our tail thickness guide.


What’s more they will last many years. Our tails have a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

All Triple and weighted tails come with double loops for your horses comfort.


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Champion Tails Water Glaze Coat Shine


Water Glaze is designed to give a brilliant show ring shine to the coat, mane and tail. It is a great product that also contains special conditioning agents to repel dust and soften the hair for easy grooming and removing tangles out of the mane and tail. Also if sprayed onto the shoulders will prevent rugs rubbing out the hair.

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