plaiting spray

Stayz In Plaiting/Banding Spray


Champion Tails Stayz In Plaiting/Banding Spray.

If you do not want a hair out of place this is the product you need. Use on a damp, clean mane.

Section your mane, forelock or tail and plait away. You will not get a hair out of place. Has just the right amount of grip yet when you take your plaits or bands out it will leave the mane lovely, soft and silky.

It is always best to have an odd number of plaits along the neck as when you plait the forelock this makes for your even number.

When Plaiting or Banding your horse there are things you can do to add to your horses overall look.

If your horse has a shorter neck, the more plaits or bands you do up the neck will give the illusion of a longer neck, if you have a bridle path make it a very small one so you can fit more plaits in.

If your horse has a thinner or not so muscled neck you may do larger plaits and if really noticeable a larger ‘hood’ over the plait will be a great advantage in giving the neck some bulk.

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